World Cup Winning Indian Cricket Team Stranded in Barbados Due to Cyclone

The Indian cricket team's return journey to their homeland has been delayed due to the impact of hurricane Beryl.

World Cup Winning Indian Cricket Team Stranded in Barbados Due to Cyclone

Indian cricket Team Stranded in Barbados

After 17 years, India became the world champion in the T20 format. They beat South Africa in Barbados by 7 runs. Cyclone Beryl struck amid the joy of the cricketers at the venue and the Hilton Hotel after being crowned world champions.

Runners-up South Africa left the West Indies before Beryl started. But the Rohit Sharma's army is stuck. They were also supposed to leave for the country on a chartered flight. The cyclone is expected to pass over Barbados on Sunday night (June 30) local time. Reason the airport is closed in the afternoon.

According to Cricinfo, the current position of the Cyclone is 80 miles off the southern coast of Barbados. The hurricane, classified as Category 4, was last reported to be approximately 570km east-southeast of Barbados.

June 30 (Sunday) was kept as a reserve day for the World Cup final. After this, on the next day ie Monday, Team India left Barbados, but could not do so due to the storm. Now it will be interesting to see when the storm subsides and when the Indian team leaves Barbados and reaches India.

Sports journalist Boria Majumdar shared the information through social media and said that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will do everything to get Team India and the Indian media out, once the cyclone subsides. The airport is closed. The hotel in which the Indian team is staying is being run with limited staff. Even Indian players ate in a line on paper plates.

Along with the Indian cricketers and staff, Board Secretary Jai Shah is also in Barbados. He said to the media, 'Like you, we are also trapped. We will think about congratulating (the champions) only when we are clear about the return home.''

The Indian team's original travel itinerary involved taking an Emirates flight from New York, with a stopover in Dubai.

"The team was supposed to leave from here (Bridgetown) to New York and then reach India via Dubai. But now the plan is to get a charter flight straight from here to Delhi. A meeting with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also being considered," a source said.

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