India vs Australia: Virat Kohli is a world-class player, and he didn't offer us a chance, according to Alex Carey.

In Ahmedabad, Virat Kohli scored his first century in a Test match.According to Alex Carey, Virat Kohli is a gentleman.At the end of Day 4, Australia was 88 runs behind India.


<p>India vs Australia: Virat Kohli is a world-class player, and he didn't offer us a chance, according to Alex Carey.</p>

Alex Carey praised Indian hero Virat Kohli, calling him a "class player" who eliminated Australia's chances in the fourth Test, which is currently taking place in Ahmedabad.

On Day 4 at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Kohli blasted his 28th Test century and 75th in international cricket. The former captain of India delivered when his team most needed him, scoring a crucial run to keep the home side competing against Australia. Carey claimed that despite Kohli's performance, he was not shocked.

In a press conference, the Australia wicketkeeper-batsman said: "No surprise he got it in a decent batting track and went big and really showed how to do it." He was a gentleman and didn't really give us an opportunity. We anticipated that delivering to Virat would be challenging. He was mostly contained by us, and we tried to take wickets all around him.

It's always raucous when visitors arrive in India and Virat is batting or next in line, and he performed admirably today. But I believed we managed to persevere well. Harbhajan Singh, a former cricketer for India, claimed that Kohli required this kind of performance to regain his flow in an interview with India Today.

The former player continued by expressing his desire for Kohli to continue to be the team's "vintage Virat Kohli" and build on this century. "He (Kohli) must be feeling incredibly relieved after reaching 100, as are all of his supporters. He and the other hitters should have both scored runs, in my opinion. I wanted to see if they could perform on more favorable pitches where they would also have an opportunity to score those runs, and I'm so glad they were able to do so," Harbhajan told India Today.

"Virat Kohli acting like himself. To get back into the rhythm that India would need him to be in moving forward, he required this kind of a knock. Virat Kohli will hopefully continue to be the legendary Virat Kohli for all of us moving forward and make a ton of runs for team India.

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